Ever Since I Met You

A love letter to women in recovery:

Ever since I met you 
I have known one true thing about you….
And that is how much Jesus loves you.

Its hard to hear sometime
Because we are so aware of all of the things
We could have done
And all the things we shouldn’t have done

But he loves you and it's not based on human “doings”.

He made you and formed you in the secret place.
He knew you before any living creature.
He formed you knowing that life would be complicated
And that you would fail sometimes
But that the world would not be the same without you.

He placed the light in your eyes
And His holy breath He breathed into you.

And when you breathe it is shared with Him
So there is no hiding.

And all the things we don’t like about ourselves
Are because we look at a broken mirror

Its dimly lit and the cracks distort our view
Of self

But His gaze is perfect
And He knows you are not the whole package.

But you weren’t built to be self-sufficient.
You were built for Him.

To be loved and pursued.
To be cherished and nurtured.
To rejoice when you grow.
To protect when you’re hurt.
To lead and to guide.
And to pay every price when you are stolen.

By Emily Lewis- Copyright 2020

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