(written in an american election year)
I take my bombarded heart
out to a place to heal
out from the shrapnel 
of splintered humanity.

Away from the opinions
like hailstones of fire
flaming down
from the lofty and assured.

Each side declaring victory
each side proclaiming to own
the truth.

My soul needs to breathe
Holy air.

And I look for Jesus
while walking among the trees
this cathedral
of forest
arches over the road.

Stained glass leaves of yellow and orange
in the bright sun

Too beautiful 
for words to name
each tree different
coming into its own as a 
part of the forest

But each created 
for the enjoyment
of a God who
stands beyond
- the opinions

Who will outlast
even the trees
that call to me
and whisper 

through rustled 
swirling leaves

That the only answer
for the weariness
of - a heavy heart

Is God, oh, God
How great thou’ art.

Copyright Emily Lewis- 2020
Photograph- Emily Lewis- 2020

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