There is a moment when a plant becomes so dry
 That it forgets how to drink water
 Even when it is offered

 I have a cactus like that
 Abandoned in the windowsill too long
 Without care

 It holds the form of a cactus
 But has no new life
 Its color is dulled
 But it holds its needles and can still sting
 The sharpness is all that’s left
 I wonder if “having a form of godliness but no power” is    like that
 Left dry too long
 No experience in the presence of God
 Just vague memories
 Of what it was like to be a new Christian

 Holding the form
 And the sharpness of the Law
 But if broken open
 No life-giving water to share
 No bloom that is coming
 Oh, God, I don’t want to be like that!
 Water me with your presence
 Don’t let the harsh sun of this world
 Bake the life out of me
 Let me be like one by streams of living water
 Bearing fruit in every season
 I do not want the form without the power

 My poor cactus
 I started watering it again
 Most is dead, but still standing
 Only on a few of the edges is there any sign of new life
 I will water and watch
 And believe God for the increase. 

Poem by Emily Lewis - 2021
Photo by Stefan Kunze on Unsplash

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