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A few words about me

A few words

I was rescued out of a life of heroin addiction in 2006 and since then I've done what I could to light a path for other women.  Helping others on their recovery journey has been my deep passion but I know the time is short and so many are being lost.

I hope you will find this blog inspiring if only enough to tell you to take another step. One foot in front of the other and always in the direction of Jesus.

I've gotten lost many times along this journey. Sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally and sometimes just in my own head, but God's light is always there, lighting a path and leading us home.

A few words


There are lots of great recovery options out there but I can't miss the opportunity to thank New Life For Adults and Youth in Richmond, Virginia and The Mercy House.  Yes, I'm biased.  Yes I have worked here for 14 years, but that's how I know how special this place is. There is a deep level of compassion that is rarely seen in this world in this place. People may walk through the door in shame and despair but they walk out whole and loved.

This places was lovingly founded by Victor and Carmen Torres and the Executive Director is Rosalinda Rivera who continues this mission of mercy to this day. Their books and resources on recovery and faith can be found here:

All the other things......

I've always got my hands on a LOT of projects. I guess I'm just built that way. If you would like to see some of my art or other projects visit:

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The master list of ever updating projects lives over there but in addition to blogging and photography I illustrate books, love to draw, collect vintage toys and design card and table top games.  Many of these things are currently in production so stay tuned and follow me on instagram for updates.